Emiliano Sala’s family want truth about plane crash revealed|横浜中華街、新宿で当たると評判の人気占いなら天の命の開運占館。


Emiliano Sala’s family want truth about plane crash revealed




The household footballer Emiliano Sala, that died when the airplane he was traveling in came in the English Channel, insist they would do every thing possible to guarantee the facts about the accident is disclosed.
Sala has been on his way to the club from Nantes after the incident happened back in January and has been Cardiff’s album signing.
Last month, the Air Accident Investigations Branch revealed that he and pilot Dave Ibbotson, who died in the wreck, had suffered carbon monoxide poisoning until the plane came down.
A site to find Sala’s figure was set up by the family and there have been reports they may do exactly the exact same.
The family said in a statement, issued through their attorney:”Emiliano’s household have been disappointed with the AAIB’s response to Emiliano’s departure.
“They were particularly surprised when, at the immediate aftermath of this incident, it seemed that the AAIB had ended up on running a full search for the aeroplane therefore it dropped on them to achieve this.
“Without David Mearns locating the airplane, Emiliano’s body may not have been regained as well as the possible importance of carbon monoxide poisoning of him and the pilot would never have been known.
“The family still hope that the inquest process will supply them with the answers they seek in regard to Emiliano’s death and that air safety is going to be improved, including the prevention of similar deaths in future. They expect their religion in justice that is English is not betrayed.
“The family will be keeping all options on the desk as to their next move. They will do all possible to ensure the truth about this terrible accident is demonstrated, so no family has to go through the same distress.”

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