New York Giants 17-35 Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott throws four touchdowns in dominant Cowboys win|横浜中華街、新宿で当たると評判の人気占いなら天の命の開運占館。


New York Giants 17-35 Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott throws four touchdowns in dominant Cowboys win




As the Dallas Cowboys dominated the New York Giants 35-17 four touchdowns threw.

New York came out flyingand Eli Manning switched the ball into end Evan Engram to get a one-yard touchdown to open the scoring after they had been shot by Saquon Barkley series all the way to the goal-line in their opening drive.
However, any chances of a surprise win were shut immediately.
Dallas marched down the field and Prescott pitched his first of four dents on the afternoon, finding tight end Blake Jarwin down the center from 28 yards out.
In the second quarter, the Cowboys built up a strong lead.
To begin with, Prescott found 37-year-old Jason Witten to get a four-yard touchdown and rolled outside, and then he threw a attack down the left sideline to strike Amari Cooper in stride for a different.
After he pitched his fourth score of the afternoon into Green Bay Packer Randall Cobb despite an Aldrick Rosas field goal providing the Giants a opportunity to creep back into the contest and bringing the score 21-10, Prescott put the game.
After signing a six-yearroughly $90 million expansion only days ahead of the start of the year, Ezekiel Elliott caught in on the action using a 10-yard touchdown run to make it 35-10 in the conclusion of the third quarter.
Wayne Gallman, the Giants’ backup to Barkley, scored a late consolation TD to get New York.
Dallas will face the 0-1 Redskins in Washington, while the Giants host the 1-0 Buffalo Bills next week.
Giants 7-0 Cowboys: Eli Manning 1-yard touchdown pass to Evan Engram (XP great )
Giants 7-7 Cowboys: Dak Prescott 28-yard touchdown pass to Blake Jarwin (XP good)
Giants 7-14 Cowboys: Dak Prescott 4-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten (XP great )
Giants 7-21 Cowboys: Dak Prescott 21-yard touchdown pass into Amari Cooper (XP great )
Giants 10-21 Cowboys: Aldrick Rosas 28-yard field Objective
Giants 10-28 Cowboys: Dak Prescott 25-yard touchdown pass into Randall Cobb (XP great )
Giants 10-35 Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott 10-yard touchdown run (XP good)
Giants 17-35 Cowboys: Wayne Gallman 2-yard touchdown run (XP good)

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