Gagnon Rises Up Ultimate Football Challenge Leaderboard With Big Week 6|横浜中華街、新宿で当たると評判の人気占いなら天の命の開運占館。


Gagnon Rises Up Ultimate Football Challenge Leaderboard With Big Week 6




The two contestants for Team Odds Shark at the Ultimate Football Challenge of the Golden Nugget had benefits that are different in Week , with one while the other dropped significantly from the standings of them climbing into the Top 10. Harry GagnonsCuseboy entry went an impressive 6-1 on a mix of five school soccer (4-1) and two NFL selections (2-0), and his lone loss came around the Michigan State Spartans as 10.5-point road underdogs in a 38-0 loss to the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday.
Otherwise, Gagnon properly picked the Texas Longhorns (+11.5), Iowa State Cyclones (-10.5), Utah Utes (-14) and Washington Huskies (-6.5) in college soccer. From the NFL, he had a set of winnings at the Houston Texans (+5) and Detroit Lions (+4.5). After that performance, Gagnon is tied for eighth in the field of 282 contestants at 28-13-1.
Cousin Sal Iacono was about the opposite end of the spectrum for the team in the Ultimate Football Challenge with a disappointing 2-5 mark to tie for 88th. Sal sat only one game behind Gagnon heading to Week 6 having a 21-13-1 record but went 1-2 on his college football picks with the Miami Hurricanes (-2.5), Oklahoma Sooners (-11.5) and also Iowa Hawkeyes (+3.5). Subsequently in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns (+1.5), Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) and Los Angeles Chargers (-7) let him down. Fortunately, that the Cincinnati Bengals (+11.5) came through with a late touchdown to pay the spread due to his next victory to complete his week to a degree.
It was also a excellent week in the NFL-only Circa Sports Million to get a few Odds Sharks own entrants. Kris Abbott went a perfect 5-0 with the New England Patriots (-17), Carolina Panthers (-2), Seattle Seahawks (-1.5), New Orleans Saints (+1.5) and Arizona Cardinals (+2.5). Additionally, Joe Osborne was 4-1 with winners about the Bengals, Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings (-3) and San Francisco 49ers (+3.5).
After going 3-2 to the third time in six weeks Jon Anik increased to 17-13 complete. Anik leads four crew entrants from the worlds largest football handicapping contest with Paulo Antunes going 3-2 to proceed to 15-15. Clay Travis moved 3-4 at the William Hill College Pickem contest as well to collapse to 20-22 overall.

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