Bulgaria v England: Euro 2020 qualifier temporarily halted due to racist behaviour from fans|横浜中華街、新宿で当たると評判の人気占いなら天の命の開運占館。


Bulgaria v England: Euro 2020 qualifier temporarily halted due to racist behaviour from fans




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Englands Euro 2020 qualifier with Bulgaria in Sofia was halted twice in the first half of fans cautioned about behaviour.
The first collapse came in the 28th minute with England top 2-0.
A stadium announcement then condemned the misuse before saying if it lasted the game could be left.
However, the game was stopped again prior to restarting following discussions between England director Gareth Southgate and the participant.
The Levski Stadium has been subject to a closed for this game after Bulgaria were sanctioned for racist chanting during qualifiers from also the Republic and Kosovo.
The build-up to the game was dominated by worries of incident of racism, together with England striker Tammy Abraham stating when they were targeted on abuse the players will be well ready to walk off the pitch.
Southgate held a meeting on the weekend to emphasise that the Uefa three-step protocol in handling racist incidents with his players – but the issue has provoked an angry reaction from the Bulgarian football authorities.
Bulgaria coach Krasimir Balakov had detained of owning a racism problem that was bigger than his nation, England.
Uefa includes a protocol for dealing with events in matches in place.
Into the stadium announcer, the referee will talk for the very first measure and require the halting of racist behaviour.
If it persists, the referee could take the players into the dressing rooms to get a time period from the area and the arena announcer will make another address.
If it continues, the match will be abandoned.
BBC Radio 5 Live soccer reporter Ian Dennis:It looked like the next step was about to be obtained along with players were removed. The next step will be temporarily and permanently.
I think I heard a few monkey chants coming in the department to the proper once Raheem Sterling was fouled.
Bulgaria captain Ivelin Popov has come around to the left of this tunnel to speak to some Bulgaria fans
BBC Sports chief football writer Phil McNulty:England defender Tyrone Mings appeared to peek over his shoulder and look towards the audience after making a pass and within minutes the match has been stopped.
The Bulgaria fans have not accepted the danger of jealousy well however, the warning was evident. This was what the big fear was in the build-up and its come to pass.
England are responsible for this game but sadly off-the-field events will overshadow the game now.

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