Michael Owen & Alan Shearer: New book sparks Twitter row|横浜中華街、新宿で当たると評判の人気占いなら天の命の開運占館。


Michael Owen & Alan Shearer: New book sparks Twitter row




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A row has been sparked by michael Owen’s new book on networking between Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer along with the England striker.
Among the cutting lines in the book comprises Owen’s claim that his transfer from Real Madrid into the Magpies in 2005 has been a”downward step” and the one move he”really regrets”.
The pair exchanged tweets as the story broke on Tuesday – but what’s the backdrop of the feud?
In Reboot – My LifeMy Time, which has been serialised in the Daily Mirror, Owen goes into detail about his relationship with Newcastle’s fans during an injury-hit spell with the team, which finished with him joining Manchester United following the Magpies’ relegation to the Championship in 2009.
“I must have followed my gut instincts, I did not wish to go there – my heart was set on a return to Liverpool,” explained Owen – who had left Anfield for Real in 2004 – of his go into St James’ Park.
The 39-year-old former England captain claimed Newcastle were”only a big club in the feeling it has lots of fans and a huge stadium”. Ouch.
Match of the Day pundit Shearer, the Magpies’ album goalscorer, responded on media.
Tweeting a clip of Owen telling BT Sport in 2018 he”could not wait to retire for the last six or seven years” of his livelihood, Shearer published:”Yes, Michael, we thought that too, whilst on 120K per week”
Enter Owen again, questioning Shearer’s loyalty to Newcastle…
That retort got people talking, but did this lousy blood start?
Newcastle’s relegation in 2009 seems to be the catalyst for the strained relationship of the pair, based on Owen’s book.
Shearer was interim manager at the time also, heading into the season’s final day, the Magpies needed at the very least a draw at Aston Villa or his 16-season spell at the Premier League will come to a finish.
Owen asserts he wasn’t fully fit but, together with Villa 1-0 up through Damien Duff purpose, the striker arrived as a substitute at the 66th minute.
Newcastle couldn’t locate a response and were condemned into the Championship, and Owen alleges Shearer had been”seething” together with him and insinuated the participant”had a eye on my next contract”, together with his current deal about to execute.
“I believed that I was being made a scapegoat,” said Owen.
“If you examine it, it all makes sense. Shearer’s record as manager in the last eight games of the 2008-09 year was lost five, drew two, won one.”
Of his 49-year-old former England team-mate, Owen added:”Alan Shearer and I still haven’t talked this out face to face and that is a shame since, as I’ve said many, many occasions, we were very great buddies.”
He then proceeds to explain he’d been part of a comprehensive interview using BT Sport at 2018 where he had touched upon his experiences with injury in his career and has been taken aback by how Shearer had”began ranting about it upon Twitter”.
Owen asserts he needed a text dialog using Shearer following this tweet where he offered an explanation after Shearer had said Newcastle fans could be”unimpressed to listen to he did not delight in playing with there”.
“It moved as I suspected, precisely nowhere,” he further added.
As the spat continued gary Lineker, that hosts Match of the Day together with Shearer and working with Owen on BT Sport, afterwards acted as peacemaker.
“There seems to be a little history ? I like you both so do not need to choose sides,” he also tweeted.
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