Oscar predictions 2019: All 24 categories, with every nominee ranked in order of their racetrack odds|横浜中華街、新宿で当たると評判の人気占いなら天の命の開運占館。


Oscar predictions 2019: All 24 categories, with every nominee ranked in order of their racetrack odds




After what’s felt from business teams and media and months of anticipation, the Oscars are finally upon us. All 24 classes will be handed out on Sunday night, February 24, during a ceremony hosted by… well, no on in particular. Maybe. But who will win? Scroll down for our predictions in each category from Best Picture all the way to Best Live Action Short. The nominees are listed in sequence of the racetrack chances, together with our winners highlighted in gold.
As of this writing more than Gold Derby users have chimed in with their Oscar picks. That includes the Pro journalists we have polled from leading press outlets, the Editors who pay awards yearlong for Gold Derby, the Top 24 Users who obtained the highest scores calling last year’s Oscar winners, along with the All-Star Top 24 who had the best forecast scores when you combine the previous 2 year’s Oscar outcomes. Last, of course, is that our assortment of everyday Users, among whom will set the rest of our predictions to pity.
Some years a strong business consensus forms around a single movie, as when”Argo” (2012) and”Birdman” (2014) spanned the major guild prizes on their way to Oscar successes for Best Picture. But this year has been divided. “Green Book” was looking good after it won Best Picture at the Producers Guild Awards, but director Peter Farrelly was snubbed at the Oscars. “Black Panther” won the SAG Award for the ensemble cast, but it too underperformed from the Oscar nominations.
Subsequently”Roma” won the Directors Guild Award and subsequently followed up with a BAFTA success for Best Picture. And it is tied with”The Favourite” as the year’s most nominated film at the Oscars. So it is our front-runner for Best Picture going into Oscar weekend. But other films have appeared strong in recent decades only to be tripped up in the finish line. “The Revenant” (2015) appeared like the top competition until it had been upset by”Spotlight” And right then”La La Land” (2016) looked like it had everything sewn up till it was bested by”Moonlight” in one of the greatest upsets in history.
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